Recent Papers

Weakly Belief-Free Equilibria in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring, 2010, Econometrica 79(3), 877-892.
(Discussion Paper version for full details)

Understanding Stable Matchings: A Non-Cooperative Approach, with KOJIMA, F. and YASUDA, Y., Latest version 2010.

Revision Games, with KAMADA, Y., 2009.

Tiers, Preference Similarity, and the Limits on Stable Partners, with KOJIMA, F. and YASUDA, Y., 2010.

Towards a Belief-Based Theory of Repeated Games with Private Monitoring: An Application of POMDP, with OBARA, I, 2010.

Coordination via Mutural Punishment: POMDP Approach to Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with Private Monitoring, with IWASAKI, A., JOE, Y., OBARA, I., and YOKOO, M, 2011.

* Prior publications can be found in the CV.

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